An exceptional one of a kind dinner in Amsterdam

An exceptional one of a kind dinner in Amsterdam

Prior to my current month long trip to Amsterdam, I added a note to my last post made in 2019 in the travel section on the WineBerserker website that I would be returning. For years, I’ve been sharing travel tips, highlights and observations experienced during numerous visits under the title of “Musings From Amsterdam”.

A local WB Amsterdamer read it and reached out to me to suggest that we meet and have dinner which I agreed to do trusting him and his local knowledge and it just occurred, turning out to be a most memorable evening and one of the highlights of this trip to date.

He not only chose the restaurant but offered to supply the wines. It turns out this hidden gem is located within a small wine storage place in what seemed to be just another building among buildings. It has an open kitchen in the back along with a small dining area that seats about 12 people. This is all behind a regular street entrance door with no signs other than the street number. It’s called Restaurant Avalon Wijn en Spijs.

They encourage people to either bring their own wine or buy off their wine list and they will then prepare your dinner to pair with the wines. As funky and casual as this appeared to be, it was designed to offer a consummate fine dining experience which is what we experienced.

My newfound friend brought a rare white wine from Croatia and 2 Spatburgunder from Germany, all 3 of which were wonderful. I took a half bottle of champagne and we proceeded to have a wondrous dinner while being served by Martine, the proprietor, sommelier and chef.

She presented us with a spicy delicious seaweed and dip and a perfectly seasoned assortment of tomatoes and greens as a starter which we ate while tasing the champagne and getting to know each other.

Our white wine was paired with a marvelous swordfish with potatoes and the 2 reds were perfectly paired with a tasty quail dish.

There were 8 people at a large table in the middle of the dining space and 2 at another. Before the night was over, we’re all sharing wines and introductions and eventually contact information making for an even greater evening. This was a truly outstanding evening at an obscure treasure that most wine loving folks would appreciate. We arrived at 6:30 and left at 12:30 am. Need say no more.

In my “Musings from Amsterdam, the updated 2023 version” to be posted soon on WB, I allude to experiences I’ve never had before that seem to occur with each visit to this city and this is another one with this “speak easy” hidden treasure restaurant offering a stellar fine wine and dinning experience.


This review was originally posted on WineBeserkers